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By increasing public awareness and providing financial support, we eradicate any doubt, public or self- imposed, on the abilities of the world's disabled citiczens. It is our mission to empower the most inspirational individuals on the planet by assisting them pursue and reach their athletic, scholastic, or professional life goals.
Our Mission
We believe that there is a great inherent power in an individual with a disability overcoming their personal obstacles to achieve their goals. Its inspiring, and can give people hope and motivate them to push a little harder in their own lives. If every one on the planet pushed a little bit harder, then imagine what could be accomplished. 

There exists doubt on the abilities of the world's disabled citizens. The word "disabled' can create self- doubt as well as public doubt. We want to eradicate this paradigm by showcasing the amazing abilities of those with a disability and a drive to make the world a better place. By doing so, we desire to shift the focus to the abilities one gains from a disability. 

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Our Core Values
Empowering the Inspirational
Our Motto